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  • TAFA NOVA is a multi-disciplinary and multinational organisation who believes in the power of educational innovation in the advancement of humanity.

  • In TAFA NOVA the way we harness the power of educational innovation is by designing our solution models stakeholder friendly, simple to execute and World Class.
  • TAFA NOVA offers the EMI Quality Management System based on rigorous research, academic expertise and analysis focusing on quality, sustainability and improving learning outcomes.
  • In order to flawlessly meet the unique contextual needs of EMI universities, TAFA NOVA‘s EMI Quality Management Programs combine academic rigour with agility and pragmatism.
  • TAFA NOVA‘s principles of quality, progressivism and positive social impact through education are aligned with the Quality Education Sustainable Development Goal, one of the 17 global goals which make up the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of UN (UN SDG 2030).

  • University of Oxford is Home! and University of Bath is TAFA NOVA’s Official Academic Partner. An invaluable list of World Class universities are also within TAFA NOVA’s network who expressed preliminary interest in academic partnership. 


Our Senior Advisory Team


Prof. Ernesto Macaro, University Of Oxford

EMI Advisor. The Founding Director of EMI Centre for Research at University of Oxford.

Prof. Neil Mercer, University Of Cambridge

EMI & ORACY Advisor. The Founding Director of the ORACY Study Centre at University of Cambridge.

Assoc. Prof. Heath Rose, University Of Oxford

EMI Advisor. Director of the EMI Study Group at University of Oxford.

Prof. Dr. Atilla Eriş

EMI Policy and QA Advisor. Former member of the Executive Committee of the Council of Higher Education Turkey (YÖK)

Dr. Darla Deardoff

EMI Policy Advisor. The President of AIEA


EMI University Competencies Index

  • TAFA NOVA is in the process of  introducing the World EMI University Index with reference to EMI competencies at institutional level. Soon!

  • EMI University Index primarily presents a practical academic program selection tool-kit for students and their parents.

  • EMI-UI  is simple yet powerful.

  • EMI-UI has one aim at its core: to help students to choose and invest their funds & time in the right EMI university (before it is too late!).

  • Simply, EMI-UI provides the prospect students with the right set of questions to ask about the EMI experiences during their academic studies and  beyond graduation in their professional lives.

  • Also, EMI-UI will provide students (and the other HE stakeholders) with a set of EMI University Competencies criteria that can be used in various decision making processes.

  • Meanwhile would you like to receive simple yet powerful guidance for your university selection? For students and parents on universities both in your country, in Anglophone and Non-Anglophone countries contact TAFA NOVA!



  • TAFA NOVA’s EMI Quality Management Program© (EMI QMPis the World’s first Quality and Learning Outcome focused solution model for International EMI Universities.

  • The EMI QMP  ultimately empowers the EMI university to unlock High Performance EMI

  • TAFA NOVA presents the new concept of High Performance EMI to the academic settings internationally with a focus on unlocking the potentials of the learners to become their best.

  • The EMI QMP has a unique focus on the quality standards of academic subject delivery by medium of English in academic settings.

  • The design of the EMI QMP is inspired by both academic field research findings and the results gained from the four EMI Universities Symposia that were held between 2018-2019 with the active inclusion of multiple stakeholders. 

  • TAFA NOVA’s innovation is to treat the decision to implement EMI as a strategic decision that is made at a policy maker level. Thus, the EMI QMP places a primary focus on Institutionalization while embedding the concepts of Sustainability and Quality Learning-outcome at the core of its design.

  • The EMI QMP resonates strongly with LERU ILP-2019 Report that also defines the decision to implement EMI as a strategic decision. The EMI QMP effectively addresses the recommendations presented by LERU ILP-19.

  • The EMI QMP, ultimately, is an Institutional Innovation project that is spread over years to ensure institutionalization.
  • TAFA NOVA’s EMI QMP is by design flexible in order to effectively address the contextual needs of the participant EMI universities.
  • Definition: Macaro & Akıncıoğlu (2017) define English Medium Instruction (EMI) as the use of English (for example sole use, partial use, code switching and so on) to teach academic subjects (other than English itself) in countries or jurisdictions where the first language of the majority of the population is not English.


K12 CLIL 2.0.

  • TAFA NOVA’s CLIL 2.0© is the World’s first EMI Quality and Learning Outcome focused solution model for K12 Schools.

  • The transition between K12 EMI and HE EMI proved to be more problematic than it was assumed. 

  • Following the successful series of EMI Universities Symposia where the transition between K12 EMI and HE EMI was problematised, a conference with a particular focus on K12-HE EMI transition was held in Istanbul  / Turkey in March 2020. TAFA NOVA’s Founder and CEO, Mustafa Akıncıoğlu, delivered a KEYNOTE while taking an active part in the organization committee.

  • OECD is another international stakeholder that indicates the trending concept of EMI more than TESOL in the contexts of K12 globally. OECD PISA Test will have an optional topic of academic performance in second languages which technically ‘EMI in K12’. OECD has also recently published a Framework of Language Another Language.

  • In light of the World Class academic field research TAFA NOVA offers a K12 version of the EMI QMP: CLIL 2.0©     (for more details: info@tafanova.com).


TAFA NOVA’s Founder and CEO

Mustafa Akıncıoğlu is a passionate Progressivist. Mustafa worked within a range of PPP Educational Reform Projects internationally since 2004. Mustafa is a Research Associate at the University of Oxford where he worked and published as a Researcher between 2014 – 2018. Mustafa’s research interests are EMI, Socio-Cultural Theory of Learning, Educational Policy, Institutional Innovation, Critical Discourse Analysis, Learner Autonomy in EAP settings.

Mustafa is also a Social Entrepreneur who established TAFA NOVA Educational Innovation with initial support from Oxford University Innovation in 2018. Mustafa is also the Founding Chairman of the St Andrews University Alumni / Turkey, a member of Oxford University Education Society, Oxford University Alumni Club and OXBRIDGE Alumni UAE.


TAFA NOVA Eğitim İnovasyon ve Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş.

ADDRESS: Üniversiteler Mh. ODTÜ Teknokent Arge Mrk. No:13 06800 Çankaya, Ankara / TURKEY

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